How Much Does it Cost to Live in Carmel, Indiana?

Find out how much it costs to live in Carmel, Indiana. Learn about state income tax rates, average home rental prices, average property values, cost of living index and more.

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Carmel, Indiana?

Are you considering moving to Carmel, Indiana? If so, you may be wondering how much it costs to live in this city. When calculating the cost of living in Carmel, Indiana, we take into account state income tax rates, average home rental prices, average property values, cost of living index, and more. Out-of-pocket health care costs and insurance premiums are slightly lower than the national average in Carmel. However, they are still in line with what they are across Indiana.

Dwellics can help you find the perfect place to live by instantly analyzing thousands of relevant data points and your selected preferences such as lifestyle, climate, community and more. When it comes to taxes, Carmel residents live in a state with a low average tax burden. This is when excluding taxes collected at the federal level. So if you're looking for a place to live with low taxes, Carmel could be a great option for you.

If you’re planning to move to Carmel Indiana, you may be wondering how much it will cost to live here. This article will take a look at what you can expect to pay in housing, food, transportation, and health care costs.

It’s no secret that living in an urban area can be expensive. However, living in Carmel is no exception to this rule.

Cost of Living

Carmel is a thriving community with an excellent quality of life. It offers first-rate schools, a vibrant downtown, and a safe environment.

The city’s economy is booming, and many of the top jobs in Indiana are located here. However, the cost of living is higher than other parts of the state, especially when it comes to housing.

Taxes are a major factor in the cost of living. Accounting for state and federal income taxes, along with Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes, a single adult in Carmel pays $6,459 annually, which is much higher than the statewide average of $5,366.

It’s also important to consider the cost of child care. Considering the average annual costs of child care are $1,345 for one child and $8,995 for two children, this can be a significant financial burden.


Carmel is an upscale city that attracts young professionals looking for a place to call home. It offers a safe community with excellent schools and an attractive downtown area.

It also has a number of amenities that make it an ideal place to raise a family. However, the cost of housing in Carmel is relatively high, which means it can be a burden on some families.

Fortunately, the city of Carmel is growing fast, which is helping to alleviate some of the issues that have made it difficult for people to live here. The city is currently working on plans to improve the infrastructure and reduce the crime rate. The city is also aiming to build new businesses and improve public transportation.


Carmel is a clean, safe community with excellent schools and a vibrant downtown area. It has fast become a destination for upwardly mobile young professionals and executive leaders.

While the cost of living is comparable to other cities in the Midwest, housing prices are high. This makes it unaffordable for many people.

In addition, the city’s reputation of being wealthy and nervous has led to a lack of diversity. The population is nearly 85% white, while black and Asian residents are a small minority.

Despite these cons, Carmel remains an appealing option for those who can afford the housing costs. In fact, its proximity to Indianapolis makes it a desirable place for professionals to live.


Carmel Indiana is an up-and-coming hub of innovation and culture that draws residents from all walks of life. The vibrant city is often ranked as one of America's Best Places to Live and offers a variety of amenities for all types of residents.

The cost of living in Carmel is relatively affordable compared to other parts of the country. For instance, housing prices are lower than the average in most states.

Aside from housing, Carmel residents also enjoy low-cost utilities and communication services. However, it's important to make sure you're informed of the options available and how much they will cost you before making a final decision on which service is right for you.

Health Care

Carmel offers a variety of health care options that help residents live a healthy and fulfilling life. It is home to top-rated hospitals, healthcare facilities and medical professionals who can help residents with a range of health issues.

The cost of healthcare in Carmel is relatively affordable, compared to many other areas in the U.S. Housing costs are also low, which makes it an attractive place for families and young professionals to live.

Carmel is also a popular place for seniors to retire, as it offers plenty of social and recreational activities to keep older adults busy. In addition, it has an excellent job market and high-quality schools that offer educational opportunities for students of all ages.

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